AAR - After Action Review for Team Building Success

8/14/23 by Rich Pereira - EverythingTEAMBUILDING.com

We recommend that after implementing your proactive and consistent Team Building Action Plan, consider implementing a regular cadence of AAR, After Action Review.  Here is a basic outline that any team can use: 

AAR - After Action Review

AAR’s differ from a post mortem or debrief in that an AAR is intended for Team Learning and Development to enable a continuous learning culture.  The AAR meeting notes should be disseminated to all team members and key learnings should be used to update team SOP’s or procedures.


Date: ______________

Project/Event/Activity: ______________________________________________________

AAR Participants: __________________________________________________________


(Note: everyone on the team participates, leaders check their egos at the door, all are equal in this process!)

1) What was supposed to happen:



2) What actually happened: 



3) What went well:



4) What did not go well:



5) What could we do better next time: 



Follow up Actions                                                  

____________________________     Who  ___________     When _______

____________________________     Who  ___________     When _______

____________________________     Who  ___________     When _______

Update SOP’s and Procedures.     Who  ___________     When _______

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