Book Club Ideas

Concept for a book club to help develop your teams

Team Leader: Here is a best practice for a team building book club. 

1. Chose a book of your choice or chosen by a team member, preferably a book related to Teamwork or Team building concepts.  (this can also be done on a smaller scale with articles from magazines like: Inc., Fortune or HBR or a post from LinkedIn). 

2. Provide the book to your team members and ask them to read a chapter every two weeks and then schedule a book club discussion session every 2 weeks. 

3. Summarize the the key discussion topics in an email and reference the relevant learnings in your communications during the next 2 weeks. 

Rinse and repeat until the book is complete. 

* Encourage team members to innovate and share best practices as they proceed through the book.  Provide feedback and rewards for exceptional application of the learnings throughout the process.  Enjoy watching your team members develop, grow and apply their new skills for even better results!