TB Company List

When considering team building activities, you may choose to work with a company specializing in team building. If so, it’s important to align the chosen company and activities with the specific skills or training needs of your business team. Consult with the team building companies to discuss your requirements, objectives, and desired outcomes to ensure a customized and effective experience. Note: EverythingTEAMBUILDING does not affiliate with nor endorse the companies in this catalog.

Outback Team Building: (Website: https://www.outbackteambuilding.com/)   Offers a variety of team building activities, including outdoor adventures, virtual programs, and workshops that focus on skills like communication, leadership, and collaboration. Elevate your team experiences with Outback Team Building & Training, the leading team building and employee training provider in North America.

teambuilding.com:  (Website: https://teambuilding.com/). Host’s surprisingly fun in-person and virtual team building events. Most events are 90 minutes, and include a mix of fun games and activities – with unique themes like "tiny campfire", "Alice Escapes Wonderland" and "Hidden Stripey Guy.” teambuilding.com brings these world class events together under one awesome banner.  Their mission is to build happier teams.  “Our team obsesses over this mission, so that yours can achieve its highest potential.” 

Catalyst Global: (Website: https://www.catalystteambuilding.com/) Catalyst Global team building products are available in the USA through locally based team building companies TeamBonding and Play with a Purpose. Team Building events require customization to suit the needs of the group. The team at Catalyst USA have created and delivered thousands of team building programs which focus on engagement and positive lasting outcomes. Trained professional facilitators ensure that Catalyst team building activities and corporate business games are delivered to the same global standard of excellence. Check out Guy Baker - CEO 30th Year video message https://www.catalystglobal.com/catalyst-global/our-story/

TeamBonding: (Website: https://www.teambonding.com/) Offers a wide range of team building activities and workshops focused on communication, leadership, problem-solving, and skill development.  North America’s premier team building resource. For 20+ years, TeamBonding has offered a unique combination of experience and expertise that you simply won’t find elsewhere. We’re headquartered in Boston, MA, but maintain a solid network of top pros across the U.S.  Clients large and small count on us to deliver thousands of events each year. They know they can expect an exciting, memorable event, whether we’re hosting in-person or online.

Authentic Me Revolution - Angie McCourt:  (Website: www.angiemccourt.com) Transformation for the busy professional.  I create solutions that help clients shift their limiting beliefs and discover their gifts so they can be their best self.  I've always believed every person has talent, gifts and purpose.  There is a great life for everyone to show up authentically and feel fulfilled. Author of Authentic Leadership

Simon Sinek - The Optimism Library                                                              Website: https://simonsinek.com/The%20Optimism%20Library/ The Optimist Library features recordings of our very best live online classes.  There are more than 30 world-class lessons led by our brilliant instructors to help leaders, teams, and individuals.  The cost is $29.99/month or $299.99/year.  Get inspired anywhere, anytime. 

FranklinCovey: (Website: https://www.franklincovey.com/) Our formula for delivering breakthrough results. Content, people, technology — it takes all three to succeed. We integrate them seamlessly as we guide your leaders and teams through Impact Journeys — transformative learning experiences that empowers them to deliver breakthrough results again and again. Our content goes deep on the challenges that matter most. Based on decades of research and development, our powerful content helps your people learn more effective ways of working, leading, and collaborating. 

The Ken Blanchard Companies: (Website: https://www.kenblanchard.com/) Blanchard starts at the heart of leadership, helping leaders view every exchange as an opportunity to foster trust and deepen relationships. We originate dynamic, human-powered learning experiences that enable leaders at all levels to turn potential into performance. These inspired leaders become the ultimate agents of progress and transformation for their people, work, and organizations.

The Go Game: (Website: https://www.thegogame.com/)  EXPLORE OUR VARIETY OF IN-PERSON, VIRTUAL, AND HYBRID EVENTS. And with our Flex Switch policy, we don't let (insert this week’s apocalyptic catastrophe) get in the way of you and your team having an amazing time. Leveraging our virtual event platform, Weve, you can now transition between in-person, virtual and hybrid events with as little as 3 hours notice in select US cities! So, whether it's travel delays, health issues, or frogs falling from the sky - Weve got you covered!  Specializes in interactive team building experiences that incorporate technology, creativity, and problem-solving. Their activities promote collaboration, communication, and skill development.

Wildly Different: (Website: https://www.wildlydifferent.com/). WHAT MAKES US WILDLY QUALIFIED. We love what we do, and it shows in our work. As a female owned company, we’re not shy to admit that between us we have decades of experience producing exceptional team building events. The reason our team building events look so good, is that our team of experts is dynamite when it comes to the details. Since starting our Play Outside the Cubicle “mantra” in 2003 we continue to impress our high-end corporate clients. With a name like Wildly Different, we pride ourselves on creativity while maintaining a high standard of professionalism as a leading team building company.

Drum Cafe: (Website: https://www.drumcafe.com/)  We are the experts in uniting diverse groups with drumming and music. Drum Cafe has over 22 years of experience in over 20 countries. Drum Cafe has worked closely with Richard Branson, Michael Dell, Microsoft and other fortune 500 companies, to teach groups how to work together and more importantly to have fun. Drum Cafe is always seen as the highlight activity in conferences, team meetings, end of year parties and seminars. We are now working virtually, turning your boring zoom session into a fun event. If you are looking for zoom ideas book Drum Cafe. Drum Cafe has worked with 80% of the Fortune 500.

Corporate Teams: (Website: https://www.corporateteams.com/)                Corporate Teams provides high potential leaders and teams with actionable strategies to increase team engagement, propel performance and drive results. Our corporate team building experiences create opportunities for authentic and meaningful dialogue that transforms the workplace. We provide high-impact training, executive coaching, as well as a host of corporate team building tools to leaders with the desire to improve teamwork, create a culture of respect, and build morale within their companies. Founded in 1995 as an experiential team/leadership development firm focused on building breakthrough teams and dynamic leaders, Corporate Teams has consistently grown and evolved putting our principles into action with corporate team building and leadership retreats for a variety of world class organizations including Fortune 500, mid-size, and fast growing start-up companies.

The Rethink Group: (Website: https://www.therethinkgroup.net/)  Provides consulting services and workshops aimed at helping businesses identify and address resource challenges, optimize support systems, and develop strategies for resource allocation. Ready to ReThink Performance? Let’s talk about how we can help raise the level of your game.

BridgeWorks: (Website: https://www.generations.com/) OUR MISSION: Powering potential by cultivating meaningful human connections. At BridgeWorks, we specialize in helping organizations retain and engage each generation of talent. After working with thousands of clients over 20+ years, we’ve seen and felt generational collisions first-hand to custom-build actionable solutions that impact your bottom line.

Team Performance Institute: (Website: https://teamperformanceinstitute.com/Founded by Jon Sanchez in 2014, we draw on the diverse military and business backgrounds of our executive performance coaching team members to effect positive change in Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 organizations. From Ph.D.s to Navy SEAL Officers, our team of elite trainers and coaches is committed to transforming your staff into a focused, results-driven team of leaders by helping people gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve goals and unlock potential.

Be-Equitable (Formerly Cook Ross):                                                            (Website:  https://be-equitable.com/ or https://cookross.com/)                      Provides diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting services that help organizations foster inclusive cultures, address bias, and promote collaboration across diverse teams. In a world of tick-a-box trainings and quick fixes, we at Be Equitable are going after something more satisfying -- we’re in this for the transformations. For the forward thinkers and future leaders who are here for the hard work, we see you and we want to partner with you. Let’s go beyond the buzzwords to create strategies and pathways that create equity for people of all races, ethnicities, identities, and abilities. It won’t be neat. And it certainly won’t be simple. But our BE team is ready and committed to get it done.

Global Diversity Practice: (Website: https://www.globaldiversitypractice.com/)    We are an award-winning provider of multi-disciplinary consultancy and learning solutions, with a global footprint of experts delivering transformational interventions through our network of trainers, consultants, researchers, learning designers and partners.

TMI Consulting Inc.: (Website: https://tmiconsultinginc.com/).                             TMI Consulting, Inc. was originally founded as an inclusive marketing LLC in 2003, the business officially became a diversity and inclusion management consultancy in 2010. In 2012, TMI became the first diversity and inclusion focused B Corporation in the world and earned national and international recognition in the field of organizational development and civic engagement. Today, TMI Consulting continues to provide diversity and inclusion consulting services and works in partnership with the rest of the TMI Portfolio brands to provide a range of socially responsible, interconnected organizations working to advance cultural inclusivity.

O.C. Tanner: (Website: https://www.octanner.com/) O.C. Tanner improves workplace cultures through personalized employee recognition solutions, so people feel appreciated, do their best work, and come to stay. Thousands of the most respected organizations around the world rely on O.C. Tanner’s software and services to ensure their employees accomplish and appreciate great work. They also rely on academic-grade research published in our annual Global Culture Report as we track, analyze, and forecast worldwide culture trends.

Bonusly: (Website: https://www.bonus.ly/)  Build a Culture of Appreciation Using Recognition.  Here’s to camaraderie, productivity, and engagement! Make it easy for your employees to participate in a positive work culture and appreciate each other. Bonusly’s peer-to-peer recognition platform offers meaningful rewards and delivers them instantly.

Terryberry: (Website: https://www.terryberry.com/) Transform employee engagement with one powerful platform. From employee recognition to corporate wellness, to metrics and analytics, Terryberry has everything you need to transform employee engagement - all conveniently housed in one place.

Prosci: (Website: https://www.prosci.com/) Change Is Accelerating. Are You Ready? Enterprise goals are shifting and intensifying. With today's accelerated pace, agility and flexibility are essential. To get there, we must get really good at change. Prosci can partner with you to build capabilities to bring about change in new, smarter ways. So your employees embrace and adopt change, your investments in change pay off, and you're equipped to face the changes of the future.

ChangeFirst: (Website: https://www.changefirst.com/) We help you build agile, adaptive capabilities for change with digital acceleration. We enable you to deliver rapid, effective business transformation by providing ‘out-of-the-box’, digitally-enabled solutions. Includes best-practice methods, tools and proven role-relevant training. With rapid onboarding and adoption support. All designed to boost your team productivity and accelerate time-to-value

Kotter: (Website: https://www.kotterinc.com/) WE ARE KOTTER. Change Management + Strategy Execution. Reimagined. The evidence is overwhelming. Kotter helps organizations mobilize their people to achieve unimaginable results at unprecedented speed. We bring our expertise in change leadership and change management to life through a range of consulting and training services.

Team Building World: (Website: https://teambuildingworld.com/core-values-exercises/)  Team Building World provides actionable ideas and techniques to help you build winning teams. Our mission is to make your corporate life easier.

SessionLab: (Website: https://www.sessionlab.com/library/team-alignment) SessionLab is the easy-to-use agenda planner that saves your team time and effort designing workshops your clients will love. Drag, drop and reuse content. Collaborate in real-time. Share perfectly-timed printouts with your clients. Stay flexible and organized with SessionLab.

Outward Bound:  (Website: https://www.outwardbound.org/) WE BELIEVE, "THERE IS MORE IN US THAN WE KNOW. IF WE COULD BE MADE TO SEE IT; PERHAPS FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES WE WILL BE UNWILLING TO SETTLE FOR LESS.” Outward Bound expeditions are transformative life experiences. With a supportive crew, and the outdoors as their teacher, students learn to dig deep to find greater compassion for each other, and to push the limits of what they thought they could do. At Outward Bound, teens and adults embark on a journey measured not just in miles of mountain, river, desert or ocean, but in pivotal personal growth.

Confetti: (Website: https://www.withconfetti.com/explore) Helping Employees! Connect with Company Culture. Through the power of shared experience, Confetti is the best platform to choose, organize, and run virtual events.

The Five Behaviors®: (Website: https://www.fivebehaviors.com) Developed with Patrick Lencioni, Author of the best selling book, “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team”. The Five Behaviors® empowers teams to rethink their approach to teamwork and shape new behaviors—taking your teams and organization to the next level.

Epiphany: (Website: https://epiphanycoaches.com) We care about you! At Epiphany, we’re passionate about helping you and your leaders become more successful – in work and in all areas of your life. If you’re looking for a coaching partner who cares deeply about you and the success of your leaders, you’ve come to the right place.

Luna Park: (Website: https://lunapark.com) Company Culture Reimagined - For Modern Teams! Leverage the power of hosted social games and icebreakers to boost team engagement. Our mission is to close the quality gap between online and offline experiences with the people you care about.

Onyx Teams: (Website: https://Onyxteams.com) Onyx Offsites & Trainings is a premier experiential education company that provides custom retreats, business consulting, executive training, team building and wellness initiatives to organizations around the globe. Our mission is to help those who work together resolve conflicts, connect on deeper levels and add value to the work performed within organizations.

The Leadership Geeks: (Website: www.leadershipgeeks.com) The Leadership Geeks website was created to give you the leadership tools and resources to equip you to become a more capable leader. No matter how good you are, you can be better.

Gamestorming: (Website: https://gamestorming.com/category/games-for-team-building-and-alignment/)  Games come naturally to human beings. Playing a game is a way of exploring the world, a form of structured play, a natural learning activity that’s deeply tied to growth. Games can be fun and entertaining, but games can have practical benefits too. This blog is about games designed to help you get more innovative, creative results in your work. We’ll show you not only how to play them but how to design them so they fit your own specific work goals.

AdVenture Games: (Website: https://www.adventuregamesinc.com/games/?gclid=CjwKCAjwkeqkBhAnEiwA5U-uM0WeSOaf3S--YwdR6jbzXJS5Ko5DmgZU2Y1ThiGCBifReNuAzVxO4BoCGLEQAvD_BwE)Our activities don’t just motivate–they EXHILARATE. From theatrically driven in-person and remote team building programs that combine strategy and risk, to creative solution events that are impactful and enormously entertaining, AdVenture Games has truly redefined the team building experience.

Strategic Offsites Group: (Website: https://www.strategicoffsites.com/) Over the past decade, the Strategic Offsites Group has become the world’s leading firm in designing and facilitating strategy conversations for executive teams and boards. We deliberately straddle the line between strategy, process, facilitation, and organizational consulting. This unique combination of expertise allows us to be trusted partners to our client executives on their most challenging strategic issues. Although industries and topics vary greatly, the core of our work is helping to align and galvanize our clients’ leadership to pursue their most significant opportunities.

HigherEchelon: (Website: https://www.higherechelon.com/team-building/) HigherEchelon's MISSION is to optimize organizational performance to meet the rapidly changing, complex and often ambiguous requirements of today’s world. WE DO THIS BY: Developing Resilient and Adaptive Leaders, Implementing Transformational Engineering & Technology Solutions, Modernizing and Enhancing Processes. HE’s competitive edge is our ability to bring these three domains together to maximize human and organizational performance.

FullTilt Team Development: (Website: https://www.fulltiltteams.com/) FullTilt offers full service team building & training events delivered by the most experienced facilitators in the industry.  Nationwide Team Building & Training Events for Corporate Groups. Unique. Dynamic. Engaging.

The Culture People: (Website: https://www.theteambuildingexperts.com/) We are partners in culture, inspired to transform the workplace, making employee engagement always at the forefront - we are the culture people. The Culture People is a small, female-owned business of enthusiastic team building experts who specialize in building strengths-based teams that communicate, collaborate, connect, engage, and develop in meaningful and productive ways. They customize their approaches to fit the unique needs of each client, making them nimble and responsive to the evolving world of work. The Culture People is committed to helping organizations build positive and engaging workplaces that foster collaboration, creativity, inclusion, and innovation so that individuals and teams may thrive.

Marco Experiences: (Website: https://www.marcoexperiences.com) The new culture HQ. The platform for extraordinary experiences that bring teams together, wherever. Book unique + extraordinary experiences from a highly curated selection of creators, brands, and venues. Elevated experiences for any team and moment - in-person, virtual, retreat, or venues. From discovery to booking, attendance, and insights, our platform takes the stress out of quality time. Whether you’re planning one experience or a calendar for the year, expert human support makes it seamless.

Professional Team Building & Leadership Development: (Website: https://professionalteambuilding.com) As a leader in the Training & Development Industry, we deliver the most powerful Virtual and Live events, seminars, programs, workshops and activities – all designed with one thing in mind – driving results for you. Wherever you are across the entire United States, we have the people power and the know how to bring a custom designed, expertly led training program directly to you at your location or ours.

Woyago: (Website: https://woyago.com/) Virtual team-building events they'll talk about forever! Get your team laughing, sharing, and connecting through a virtual event experience to one of the most incredible places you’ll ever see. Because we don't do "team building." We travel! And the communication, collaboration and camaraderie happens naturally along the way. You bring the guests. We'll bring the entertainment. All Woyagos (virtual events) are led by charismatic, friendly, and energetic natives – not actors! – from your chosen destination. And in just 60-90 minutes your team will create warm and wonderful connections with each other that will last for years. Where will you take your team next?

YayMaker: (Website: https://www.yaymaker.com/) Simple and stress-free event planning. FROM THE HOME OF THE ORIGINAL PAINT NITE® IN-PERSON | HYBRID | VIRTUAL  Explore 100+ options for your next corporate event!

The Escape Game: (Website: https://theescapegame.com/Play an in-real-life (IRL) escape room at one of our 34 locations across the US. Our games are designed to be epic for everyone - from the experienced gamer to the newbie who’s never played. Each experience is thrilling, family-friendly, and a guaranteed good time. Online and At-Home Games. The same team that designs the escape rooms at our retail locations also creates online and at-home games. From board games to virtual escape rooms and more - play engaging and interactive games by The Escape Game anytime, anywhere.

DDI - Development Dimensions International: (Website: https://www.ddiworld.com/)  Better Leaders. Better Future. Get to know everything about DDI, a global leadership consulting firm that helps you hire, promote, and develop exceptional leaders. From first-time managers to C-suite executives, our commitment is to be by your side to help you make every moment of leadership count. At DDI, we’re innovators at heart. From our founding in 1970, we have dedicated ourselves to finding science-based solutions that truly change the lives of leaders and the people they lead. We’ve achieved this goal by being by the side of our clients to help them create and implement incredible leadership programs that deliver top results. From the first hello to measuring results, we commit ourselves to making your success, our success.

Empower Adventures: (Website: https://zipontampabay.com/teambuilding/)  Empower Adventures Team Building promotes group bonding and leadership development through facilitated adventure experiences. We believe when individuals and groups are able to coach themselves through challenge, adversity, and fear they are able to discover the best version of themselves. Whether you are looking to build camaraderie, promote creative thinking and problem solving, or invest in your team through leadership development, we will customize your event to fit your needs.

Leadership Assessment Resources

Hogan Assessments: (Website: https://www.hoganassessments.com/).               We Predict Workplace Performance.  Simply put, we know how and why people behave the way they do. We know if people will align with your organization, if they will meet the job requirements, and how they will perform. Hogan’s comprehensive approach to personality assessment provides the depth and detail needed to hire the right employees, identify and develop talented individuals, and build better leaders.

Korn Ferry: (Website: https://www.kornferry.com/)                                             Every day organizations make critical business decisions without understanding the distance between where they are today and where they need to be to succeed. We call this the Potential Gap. Effective change is as much about mindset and understanding motivation to change as it is about developing new skills. Korn Ferry is the only organization consultancy to measure, evaluate and benchmark both skillset and mindset of employees to understand the talent you have and the talent you need to deliver sustainable growth.

The Predictive Index: (Website: https://www.predictiveindex.com/)                         A PASSION FOR UNDERSTANDING PEOPLE  Better work, better world through talent optimization. The Predictive Index was founded more than six decades ago, and in all that time, our mission has not changed. Our passion, inherited from our founder, is to understand people and teams—specifically what drives behaviors at work. Our quest, like yours, is to discover how to impact that behavior, ignite enthusiasm, and align business strategy with talent strategy. Since 1955 we have honed the wisdom, guidance, and tools that help inspire employees be their most productive and engaged.