Gossip in your business costs you money! Check out these Prescriptive Team Building Solutions


8/23/23 by Rich Pereira - EverythingTEAMBUILDING.com


Gossip in your business costs you money!

The root cause of the gossip problem starts with individuals and quickly infects your teams which can infect the entire company if left unchecked.  This How to Guide from EverythingTEAMBUILDING.com provides a few Team Building ideas to help stop the cost leaks created by Gossip in your business. 

Addressing gossip requires a combination of addressing the root causes, promoting positive communication, and fostering a culture of trust and respect. With some effort you can adapt a few of the activities listed below to suit your team's unique dynamics and needs.  There are also many companies specializing in Team Building that can help as well to reduce the negative impacts of gossip.  Here are some companies to consider:

TeamBonding: (Website: https://www.teambonding.com/) Offers a wide range of team building activities and workshops focused on communication, leadership, problem-solving, and skill development. North America’s premier team building resource. For 20+ years, TeamBonding has offered a unique combination of experience and expertise that you simply won’t find elsewhere. We’re headquartered in Boston, MA, but maintain a solid network of top pros across the U.S. Clients large and small count on us to deliver thousands of events each year. They know they can expect an exciting, memorable event, whether we’re hosting in-person or online. 

Corporate Teams: (Website: https://www.corporateteams.com/) Offers team building activities and workshops aimed at fostering positive communication, trust, and accountability within teams. They provide programs that address gossip and promote a healthy team environment. 

Here are a few team-building activity ideas to consider that can help address the issue of gossip within a business team: 

  1. Values and Code of Conduct Exercise: Conduct a session where the team collectively defines their values and establishes a code of conduct. Discuss the negative impacts of gossip and emphasize the importance of respectful communication and confidentiality. 
  2. Gossip Awareness Workshop: Conduct a workshop that raises awareness about the consequences of gossip and its impact on teamwork, trust, and morale. Discuss alternative ways of addressing concerns or conflicts, such as open communication and constructive feedback. 
  3. Clear Communication Training: Provide training or workshops on effective communication skills, including active listening, assertiveness, and giving and receiving feedback. Encourage team members to communicate directly and respectfully instead of resorting to gossip.

For more details on the Team Building companies who can help, check out the free Everythingteambuilding.com Company list or for a more comprehensive team building Playbook, you can purchase the Everythingteambuilding.com Playbook which includes 75 pages filled with more details for this topic and many more Prescriptive Team Building Solutions to help your teams succeed and deliver better results!

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