The Transformative Effects of Team Building: Outcomes, KPIs, and Expert Solutions

8/12/23 by Rich Pereira -

The Transformative Effects of Team Building: Outcomes, KPIs, and Expert Solutions


In today’s modern workplaces, the concept of teamwork is taking center stage. Team building, once considered a non-essential activity, has now evolved into a strategic tool for fostering collaboration, communication, camaraderie among team members and Better Business Results. When approached with intention and insight, team building activities lead to a myriad of expected outcomes that contribute to a healthier work environment, increased productivity, and enhanced job satisfaction. Lets take a look at some ideas about the potential results of team building you can expect including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure success, and highlights of some renowned team building companies that can guide you toward achieving your goals.

Trust and Unity: Team building nurtures trust and unity among team members, promoting a cohesive and supportive work environment.

KPIs: Achieve a 15% increase in trust scores on post-activity surveys. Measure the percentage of team members reporting improved relationships.
Measurement: Administer surveys with trust-related questions before and after team building to assess the change in trust levels. Analyze self-reported improvement in relationships through post-activity feedback.
Team Building Company: Catalyst Global
Catalyst Global specializes in experiential programs that foster teamwork and leadership. Their "Chain Reaction" activity encourages collaboration and trust-building, resulting in enhanced team dynamics.


Enhanced Communication and Collaboration: Effective team building cultivates an environment of open and transparent communication, resulting in better collaboration and problem-solving within teams.

KPIs: Increase the frequency of inter-departmental connections by 20%. Track the number of cross-functional projects completed collaboratively.
Measurement: Document the number of interactions between different departments before and after team building activities. Monitor the percentage of projects involving contributions from multiple teams.
Team Building Company: TeamBonding
TeamBonding specializes in tailored team building experiences that enhance collaboration and communication. Their "Escape Room: Jewel Heist" activity challenges teams to work together to solve complex puzzles, fostering effective communication and critical thinking.


Conflict Resolution Skills: Team building equips team members with effective conflict resolution skills, enabling them to address disagreements constructively.

KPIs: Reduce the average time taken to resolve conflicts by 25%.
Measure the number of conflicts resolved with minimal disruption.
Measurement: Compare the average time it takes to resolve conflicts before and after team building. Keep a record of the number of conflicts resolved without negatively impacting team performance.
Team Building Company: Wildly Different
Wildly Different designs personalized team building experiences that emphasize conflict resolution and negotiation. Their "Conflict Resolution Hunt" challenges teams to navigate through scenarios that require effective conflict management.


Morale and Job Satisfaction: Engaging team building activities inject positivity into the workplace, boosting team morale and overall job satisfaction.

KPIs: Achieve a 10-point increase in job satisfaction scores on employee surveys. Measure the percentage of employees expressing higher levels of morale post-activity.
Measurement: Compare the average job satisfaction scores before and after team building. Analyze the feedback and comments from employees about their improved morale.
Team Building Company: Outback Team Building
Outback Team Building designs engaging activities aimed at enhancing employee morale and engagement. Their "Charity Bike Buildathon" not only fosters team unity but also supports charitable causes, further enhancing job satisfaction.


Enhanced Creativity and Innovation: Team building encourages creative problem-solving and innovative thinking among team members.

KPIs: Generate and implement at least two new innovative solutions within the next quarter. Increase the number of creative ideas proposed during brainstorming sessions.
Measurement: Keep track of the number of innovative ideas generated during team building activities. Monitor the successful implementation of innovative solutions in projects.
Team Building Company: The Culture People: Committed to helping organizations build positive and engaging workplaces that foster collaboration, creativity, inclusion, and innovation so that individuals and teams may thrive.


Team building activities offer a wide array of anticipated outcomes that can transform teams and elevate organizational performance. Measuring these outcomes through strategic KPIs enables organizations to gauge their success and refine their team building strategies. Collaborating with expert team building companies, such as Catalyst Global, TeamBonding, Wildly Different, Outback Team Building, and The Culture People, ensures that these outcomes are not just expected but realized to their fullest potential for Better Business Results.

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